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Carmalin Sophia

As i know Carmalin Sophia, is a person who love to create a poem.  She comes from Chennai, India. A lot of her poems are being captured by a lot of people in the internet. You can see her poems be a person testimonial in My Space, A banner in an online shop, a card in facebook and still plenty others.

I love and like poems that she created. The language is smart but not to confusing. I hope i could meet her on line sumwhere on the internet. Hehehe..

So peeps… if you want some reviews about a dope poetry. Carmalin Sophia.. is kickass one!

this is one of his Poem. Another of her’s is on the other page on this blog. Read and dive!

seize the moment!

As the green leaves turn into brown,
They leave their hold on stems and flutter down.
As the aroma of the seas join the night breeze
And the newborn stars start filling the trees.

I am wondering since the day I fell in love
With the vast stretches of night sky and the twinkles above
Silent words through my eyes retreat,
As dewdrops lay deep on my face and feet

Dark clouds blanketing like the thoughts in mind,
And I stare back at the boulevard I’ve just left behind.
Life on the edge of maple grass leaf brims on the surface of the land,
It grows and blooms as crimson across the sand

The sound of the waves, brushing against my past inside
Like the sand sticking on to my feet and my longing for them to slide.
As I walk ahead towards my goal on the road I see others running past.
The dust they kick up and the aura never lasts

But no one ever stops running just to lie on that sand–
To break free from the world, seize the moment, and to hold our dreams in our hand.

Carmalin Sophia


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