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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Piece of Me

It come the blackout, nothing more that’s your hideout
oYea you  Keep pushing fake fact about me like a fucking gibberish waiting to wipeout
Come on sissy don’t act pussy to me, take it like a man
I know you can do better, drop it harder, ohh you just typical simple stupid dicksucker
Now imma make it slower just for you so you know what the hell  I’m talking about
Here I go
Y’all gon keep telling shit about my past , take a piece of my sin than make it matters (make it maters)
Point all of bad things from higher place aim it to me like you’re an archer
But in front of me you still nothing lazy ass loser
Play you part like you’re the man, but man you’re  still a little buster
Stop bluffin’ … said to my face.. said straight to me.. I dare you punkass motherfucker
Show me what you got.. oh I forgot.. you aint got nothing sucker!
Look at you , it’s more like shit all over your face freaking disaster
Back off before i knock your head off your neck like jack the fucking ripper
When I enter the ring your life is about game over
Stop murmuring face me up, act real fighter
Yea imma sinner, but I know God will help me eliminate this joker

Fixershow ft Renat, October 2011