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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Cover lies

We live. We Die. But not yet die when you start to read this page. And lies, none of us now days can hide from this life style. As I inhabit the human, and we populate the crowd. Without a glance at the grinning insipidity. As you direct the militia in loving the great and proud. They’re storing abstractions of unaesthetic beauty.

As I collect the shrapnel, from smiles we have not yet won,
Stealing a glance at the faded caustic laughter,
As you undermine his conscience, as you load her first bright gun,
They’re hoarding ungainly children of grief thereafter.

As I entrench our glossolalic courage in the fight
Glancing again at the pure platonic limerence
As you fabricate autistic scripts of what is wrong and right,
They’re dwelling in truths of dysphemistic preference.

As I round up the soldiers, and we join the muddy ranks,
Looking straight in the eyes of dead reality.
As you try to fly the doctrine from rifles and run down tanks
And they start to cower beneath their past naivety.

As I know the fact and fiction, but opt instead for the horde,
Trying not to stare at the guilt and blame.
As you play a single note and tell the world that it’s a chord.
And they, unaware, build towers of ruin and shame.

And I’ll be the individual for mobs with a creed assigned
And you’ll be the noble captain grinning insipidly.
But while they are praised and honored, with consciences undermined,
They’re storing abstractions of unaesthetic beauty.

Then I’ll play the role of human, and we’ll play the part of crowd,
Closing our eyes and following captains blindly.
And you’ll teach us how to battle, and fight for the great and proud,
Ignoring the way our eyes are dark and ugly.

(now cover your lies bitch!)