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Monthly Archives: April 2011

High Sun

12 at day. The sun radiation becoming very beautiful in this earth. Big bright light, shiny things in this place trying to show their best look to others. Dark color begin to play different meaning on our eyes. Water playing a part to be sparkle. Plants are cooking. Animal and human print output respond for conditions on their brain. God is great with all of this scenery. His project never be not amazing.

Bad Things. High sun bring water to dry. Inviting Mr. Heat surrounding the air. The other stuff just getting hot when sun’s light look at ‘em in a long term. Burn, fire tempting to enter the show. But they always be the waiting list, like a bad basketball player who sitting on bench wishing for magic moment.

Good Things. Human smiling, because they can see everything more clearly, reflection projecting the best picture of all time. Energy gather around, they been kind, they provide another life to creatures.
And wind start to move, pushing the heat out of their territory. Dead things can’t be much happier, cold left their side. Inspiration, Imagination, Creation rule every corner of the corner’s corner.

This human start to smile and being silly.

For 479 toefl score.

High Sun. High!

finger nail smile