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Tonight, im just typing black fonts to a big space of white page. You know, when you are losing in this life, you feel the whole world look down on you. Then we have to stand up, smile, tell everyone else that we’re okay, walking tall like we ready to the next fight. I lost my mind, lost my gurl. But all of this gone wrong because of me. I do a lot of stupid things, and the most stupid is.. I really feel that im not the only one who made this mess happen. I still feel that I’m a victim, victim of lie, victim of ego, and victim of social. I just feel that way, even I know I do wrong, I still believe that my fault is not a big full of lie. I have to move on, but I can, how come I could say that I’m a Man.

Im really scare, because after 2003, everything always gone wrong, even if I try not to make it wrong. I love my mom and ma vie. And I need they to love me back…

I guess.. I’m just a little kid in a 27 years old man body.


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