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Cik Ey

Just the day 12th, i didn’t go to work today. Got a lot of time I spend wit my mom. But tonight im gonna write about my neighbor named Cik Ey.

Cik ey, is a woman about 35 years old. Why im gonna write about her, because im jealous of her. She is a funny woman with loud-medium-woman vocal. She selling foods for living. She always look smile and very happy. Unless when shit happen, she still have a slight of smile on her face. Unless she is funny, she is famous by her honesty, isn’t that so make me jealous (whahaha). Life to be honest, and just giving smile is an extra hard way of life. But that is just so pure. So holly, so wisdom, so peaceful, and so, and so the great things. Far as I know, she haven’t married (should I go for her.. hehe) but with that kind of reality, she still smile and funny all the way, plus honest.. wow.

(sorry I don’t get a chance to take sum picture of her.. hahaha) so imaging a 35 years old Chinese, with a big glasses and short hair like pink (singer). Hehehe..

Me, take a lot of faith from Cik Ey. God love us all rite? We are all not a sad puppet waiting for a bad destiny. And Cik Ey right here, is one of His sign on this world, one of His shiny angel in this world. According to the fact, im bitching, im so jealous with Cik Ey… so im gon act Cik Ey.

Have a great time Y’all. Thanks for reading.


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