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21 Questions

11th Day. Today, just ok and just almost fine.

Anyway, do you know where you will be after we die? Heaven? A blind spot on your head? Or may be reincarnation?  

If you believe in God, why you telling lies?

When your mother ask you about your future, do you really know what your plans are?

Everybody got problems, did you know that they just pretends to solve their problems?

Who am I?

We know the world is really broken, why we still smoke, throw a lot of trash everywhere, never think about saving electricity or oil?

When your religion being jacked, what will you do?

When we are out of water because global warming.. do still loving your fancy pool?

Do you love kids?

Are we really want a 3rd world war?

Baby, do you love me?

When we love to see our beautiful smiley face on the mirror, do really want your enemies laugh with you?

Do you believe in sacrifice?

While you having sex with your beloved one. Do you really enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness around you, or just concentrate on you dick? (or your pussy)

Do you believe in God.

Where you will be when the world is end?

What you know about honest?

What will you choose between love and truth?

How many sin you’ve made?

Do you have a father?

Who the fuck are you?


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