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After Saturday

Day eight. I don’t believe my self I can make through until this day without hurting my body. See that love.. you make me change, at least. After Saturday, good things keep coming. After I heard her voice, after I got her text, after I saw her.. ohh…. After she doubt her love on me, pity me. But again after Saturday, Today at church I captured power weapon. I’m gonna keep it, when it comes the pain I’ll use my weapon to kill ‘em all.

The past week, you know if you read my previous post, was a dark week. But I’ll hope for better ones tomorrow. Never lose hope.  Baby.. if you there after my words.. just don’t lose on hope.

Thanx God for Sunday, Thanx God for my Mom,  my Love,  my Friends, ma vie…


2 responses to “After Saturday

  1. renat June 14, 2010 at 9:31 am

    that wat i need the most… teng kyu sayorii

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