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The Start

The afternoon is going rough. End with my endless night in front of my new screen. I don’t know, this is not my war and this is not my fault to be dumb. But the words that own the world push me to do the right things. Love. that words will blur as much as the blur it self.  Today, if i really get along with my Lord, i rather to rewind the day. Make this day like another day with her. Full of my world.

Like the big hit movie. Everybody will get in the line to see the movie. And they’re all start with their on spot. So here i am @ my spot. The Start. Gonna be exciting ( i choose sound positive, if i don’t, this blog will full of my mother-mocking-tongue of english). I just believe i will see the big screen and smile.

I want ma vie.


One response to “The Start

  1. June 13, 2010 at 10:17 am


    good point of view….
    like it very much…

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