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The Winning Days… i missed it

Never know when those day gonna come back again. I still have a lot of memories that i will never forget and some that i wish never happened. The space between reality and my imagination seems collapse to be close.. and i stuck on that gap.

I have a star. A very bright star. My guidance. All i have to do is life for my star. I have plenty of stars in my world. They always shine for me. And Those winning days, they stick above me, watching me with their love.

I believe.. someday i’ll found my way back to those winning days.


One response to “The Winning Days… i missed it

  1. June 13, 2010 at 10:14 am

    people are born to burn….
    what are they’ll burn..?? only God knows…just burn your life like you should…that’s part of God magnificent plan for us…

    every day are a winning days for those who always trying to win….to struggle…to make a beautiful picture on their face called smile…
    and when we smile, we become a bright star for people around us…just a simple smile to make ’em happy….and that’s our winning…we’re a winner…in every smile we gave…

    but when we got some pain from the burn, just realize that it will make us grow more stronger….

    [aku ki jane ngomong opo toh..?? :p ]

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